Cubo-Metaphysical (2006-2009)



Cubo-Metaphysical VIII • 2007


Cubo-Metaphysical Self-Portrait • 2006


Self-Portrait as David with the Head of Cubo-Metaphysical Goliath • 2009


Double Cubo-Metaphysical Self-Portrait  • 2008


Cubo-Metaphysical V • 2007


Cubo-Metaphysical VI • 2007


Cubo-Metaphysical Freud • 2006


 Cubo-Metaphysical El Greco • 2006


Cubo-Metaphysical V • 2007


 Cubo-Metaphysical V • 2007
Cubo-Metaphysical XIII • 2008

The Cubo-Metaphysical continues the exploration of the double images.  In each painting, the various elements which compose it are painted in an illusionistic manner and arranged within a cubist framework to conform a human face.


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